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Vinyl Liner Pool

Established in 1987, Hayward Pools & Services (Singapore) specialises in the construction & installation of vinyl liner pools. With more than 30 years of experience, we are a veteran in the swimming pools industry. We aim to provide quality products & prompt service to our customers at an affordable price.

In 2010, Hayward has started to make pools for hotels such as Boutique Hotel, Raintree Hotel, Pegasus Hotel and more!  Hayward also started making pools for swim schools such as Jumpswim school, MMI school and many more!

Our pools not only have been great entertainment and relaxation for families, but also have many functional uses for swim schools to teach people how to swim.

With your help as customers, we are sure that we will meet your expectations and give you what we have to offer!

We believe that as your Aquatic Pool Service provider, we can work together harmoniously to fully allow you to enjoy your backyard experience.